From zero to video in 30 days.


Get your story honed in with your business.

Receive a professional video of your story.

Curate your powerful 5 min talk and be equipped to leverage a whole new way to communicate with your audiences. 

Dial in Your Story

Gain clarity and conciseness in your story and message through our proven methods.

Professional Video

Learn how to record at the comfort of your home and we will edit it into a professional video.

Marketing Plan

Get a customized marketing package including content and strategies for 2021.

1 Month of PR

We will highlight you in all of our PR channels including the speaker portal and social media.


Real Champion Talks, Power Story Academy

  • STEP 1

    Go through probing exercises and questions to build a strong foundation for your message.

  • STEP 2

    Work one on one with our story coaches to bring structure and relatability to your message.

  • STEP 3

    We send you a backdrop and a microphone and teach you how to professionally record yourself at the comfort of your home. 

  • STEP 4

    After submitting your footage, our editors will create a professional video of your story.

  • STEP 5

    Receive a marketing plan on how to leverage your story and be featured through our speaker bureau and social channels. 


To represent, cultivate and protect those who must spread

a powerful message around the globe.

Latisa Be

Certified Grief Coach helping women to heal the wounds of the past

"Since working with the Real Champions League I have had the opportunity to fine tune my message and share it with an audience that needed to hear it. Real Champion League has definitely been a great asset to me especially in getting me booked on my first international speaking gig. I'm so glad I partnered with Real Champion League."

Effective & Aligned Marketing Comes Down To 3 Factors

Clear and concise


Memorable value-driven impact



The Power Story Academy will help you:

  • Gain Clarity on your WHY

    Gain clarity on your story and your WHY. Learn how to tell your own story in a powerful, positive and uplifting way

  • Weave in your personal story

    Learn to authentically use stories to advance your value proposition and business value. 

  • Powerfully Communicate

    Communicate in a vulnerable and authentic way needed to connect in today’s noisy world.

  • Get in front of speaker and podcast opportunities

    You will receive a professional video of you speaking to be used as a sample.

  • Create a marketing and communications strategy

    With a personalized marketing package, you will have content and strategies to get in front of new audiences.

  • Join a community of like minded thought leaders

    Be part of a respected community of thought leaders that will give you instant credibility.

Going through your process was phenomenal and really allowed me to connect pieces of my story and my life that I hadn't previously. It is going to allow me to serve my people at a much much deeper level"​ 










Grace Holden

Your story guide and mastermind behind your success.

For over the past 20 years in my work as both a professional speaker and agency owner, I have transformed lives, businesses, and profits because I teach people how to empower their audiences to find victory through purpose.

Through giving each individual the confidence to embrace their uniqueness, tell their stories, and shape their futures - I have dedicated her career to uplift others to embrace their untold stories of resilience and transformation - because your voice matters.

Real Champion Talks

Power Story Academy

Simply put: the best story crafting program in the industry!

30 Day Academy

By the end of 30 days you will: 

  • Find & hone your story to fit your business.

  • Experience a transformation and clarity on your WHY

  • Create a professional video of your story.

  • Spread your story to the world.

  • Deliver your talk at a end of year event

* This program is self paced program guided by a coach.  It requires the completion of your own self paced workbook and shooting yourself using microphone and backdrop that we will gift to you.

Let us help you take your gifts to the world.

  • Are you leading your organization into the next evolution?

    We are here to help support your growth trajectory and you achieve your vision.

  • Do you want to spread your message to the world?

    We can empower you with a strategic attack of your challenges.

  • Are you looking to grow your brand as a speaker?

    We got your back and will align you with a speakers and talent agency that will support you.


Real Champion Talks, The power is in the story.

Grace Holden

Che Brown

Tiran Jackson

Jacqueline Shaulis

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you!"

Maya Angelou

Join our upcoming POWER STORY ACADEMY


Power Story Academy

  • You will receive an email with the access link to the self paced online workshop during the beta academy program .

  • Book your one on one coaching session with one of our executive story coach via the calendar link.

  • Book your one on one coaching session with one of our executive story coach via the calendar link.

  • Receive a microphone & backdrop and go through a quick training on how to shoot yourself in your home.

  • Submit your assets and we will turn your footage into a Real Champion Talk.

  • Receive your custom marketing package.

  • Join our Academy Graduate Facebook Group.

  • Be featured through our Real Champion Talk PR Campaign

  • Deliver your talk at an end of year live event.


Give me the early bird pricing! 

Rarely have I worked with professionals capable of putting a project together so quickly. Under the guidance of Real Champions League for two months, and following their guidelines, I was able to get an excellent profile listed. 

Charmene Vega

Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Culinary Nutritionist, Medicare Approved RD, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur

So excited to be working with Grace and Real Champion League. She helps me with the confidence I need and the venue to show my speaking skills.


Wendy Elliot

AVP Marcus Neuroscience Institute


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What is your refund policy?

How much time is this going to take me?

Most people are able to complete the course in less than 2 hours. You are then going to work with a coach to hone in your story. It takes another hour or so to shoot the video and the rest is on us!

Is there an investment on my part?

Do you guarantee exposure?

We do the best that we can to give you as much exposure as we can and all of our efforts are genuine and organic and thus impossible to guarantee. 

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Stories instantly build a connection with your listeners. Learn to leverage your story to expand the reach of your mission. 

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